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Welcome to Demon Digital's backstage section. Here we give away some secrets for getting great results when recording at home. You will also find tutorials on how to use certain software to it's potential, example mp3 files, our software recommendations, tips and tons of tricks.

We are certainly not perfect when it comes to recording, but with all the years of experience, late nights and playing live, we feel we have something to offer the home recording community.

Check the site often for new additions to each section, or you can join our mailing list which will get you the info immediately. NO SPAM, just a simple email saying "Hey, we added this or that".

Logically, we can only provide help, tutorials, and the like for software we own and use. So if you do not see your app or hardware being spoken of here, that's because we don't use it.

This section of is new and being developed, so have patience please. It was inspired by the users at and all the questions and answers they share about using Acoustica's software. We cover a lot of Acoustica software here, but are not limited to it. You will find many links and reviews/opinions for other applications within the realm of music creation.

Don't have Beatcraft or Mixcraft yet? Download and try them out: Acoustica BeatcraftMixcraft Home Recording StudioAcoustica Mp3 cd burnerAcoustica MP3 Audio Mixer

We will cover hardware requirements and recommendations as well. Including computer and other studio hardware.

We will accept questions from visitors and probably post the answers here in the form of a tutorial or other resource so others can use the information as well.

And finally, if you need services such as mastering, we can do it for you! Learn how to upload your files HERE, we will master one song for free so you can make your decision.

New! We have recently evaluated tons of plu-ins for host recording applications and decided which we think are best, see the complete review of our winners here - Anwida Plug-ins

New! Effects Preset Switcher - Installs and allows switching to and from new presets for Acoustica's Mixcraft and Beatcraft.

Please consider making a donation to keep us motivated in bringing you more reviews, tutorials, file downloads and answers to the questions no one else seems to want to answer.

Eric VanLandingham
Demon Digital Sound Studio