Demon Digital Sound Studio is a full service recording, mixing and mastering facility in Vassar, Michigan. Our goal is to provide you, the artist, with the resources necessary to allow your creativity to flow without worrying about the technical details.

You write and perform, and we'll record, mix and provide you with a professional master copy of your work.

The studio is fully digitized for flexibility and workflow, while our engineers are seasoned professionals who appreciate the quality of an analog feel.

We are extremely flexible with hours of operation, and can provide just about anything you might need. This would include studio musicians, equipment, instruments, if the project calls for them.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and we offer package deals to shave off those extra hours. We're musicians too, we know money isn't something most of you have a lot of! The goal is not to make us rich, but to make you "sound" rich!
Demon Digital Sound Studio | 3052 Waterman Rd Vassar Michigan |