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Welcome to Demon Digital Sound Studio


We offer many services pertaining to audio recording and mastering. Please navigate the site to decide if we are right for you as an artist. Our services range from recording entire bands, mixdown and mastering, to tutorials for home recording enthusiasts and also mastering files you have recorded elsewhere. We also offer professional drum samples, drum loops, audio software and more.

We offer help and tutorials for software we know and use such as Acoustica's Mixcraft and Beatcraft, software and hardware recommendations, plugins, recording technique and much more, so check it out!

 Demon Digital Sound Studio

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Popular Areas Of This Web Site

  • Audio Restoration Cleanup Service  - If you have audio recordings that need enhancements, noise removal such as hiss, scratches, clicks, hums, raised dynamics or other audio restoration techniques, then have a look at our restoration service section. More Here
  • Audio Plugin Manager: Manage large collection of vst effects files, keep your host applications clean and neat without removing plugins that are not used often! More here
  • Yamaha and Tama Drum Kits: We recorded each piece of these kits; cut the samples to size and equalized out any terribly bad frequencies. You will be using actual drum kits by adding these to Beatcraft or other percussion or loop software. Download it here
  • Free Mastering Service: If you would like us to master a file you have created for free, head over to the mastering section .
  • Free Audio Player: For home recording enthusiasts, no frills, flat audio player. Get it here Download
  • Free Frequency Guide: For users of the great Nyquist Parametric Equalizer plug-in. Download
  • Mix Down Service: If you use Acoustica's Mixcraft and would like us to Mix down a song for you, head to the mastering section  and send the Mixcraft project file instead of the mixed down wav file. We will also need all associated wavs for the project. Email us if you do not know where to find the files on your pc. We use many other software recording studio apps, but most would be too complex in sending project files back and forth, This is why we only offer the service for Mixcraft for now.
  • Software List and review section: We list all our favorite free vst effects, along with our picks in commercial effects and other free audio related software. View here

    Full List of Services: head over to the services section.

    If you want to link back to us for specific reasons or services, click here for text links and banners.

    Acoustica Mixcraft 6 Acoustica Mixcraft 6

    Blue cat Audio 

    PSPAudioware ail Hitsquad Music Software Downloads

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